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Malaysia-based diversified conglomerate with business presence that spans across the continents. Established in 1963 and headquartered in Sarawak, the Group has more than 15,000 dedicated employees across the international footprint.

Over the years, Samling built on its successes and has established eminence in three economic frontiers: forestry, oil palm cultivation, and more recently, property development. These core businesses are supported by the Group’s significant interests in quarrying, trading and distribution.

Backed by a 50 years strong track record, the Group is forging ahead, strengthening existing businesses while exploring new opportunities to enhance its sustainability. In 1990 and 1994, Samling set up four plywood mills in order to focus on downstream processing. Core activities in the forestry sector are logging and export of logs, manufacturing and export of plywood, sawntimber, fibreboard door skin and housing components.

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Sarawak Timber Association (STA) was formed on 7 August 1971 in Sibu by three founding members; namely, The Sarawak First and Second Divisions Sawmillers’ Association, The Third Division & Bintulu District Sawmillers’ Association and The Fourth Division Timber Merchants’ Association. On 20 September 1988, STA had sucessfully restructured its membership when existing members under the leadership of the late Dato Sri Lau Hui Kang (STA Chairman from 1986 to 2002) of the Associations then were disbanded, and together they formed a single association, STA.

On 15 June 1988, STA shifted to its new office in Wisma Sumber Alam, Kuching. In a historical move on 15 October 2000, STA shifted to its own building, Wisma STA. The overall management of STA is vested with the Council, which comprises 12 Permanent Council and 36 Council Members elected by the general membership once every two years. A Management Committee comprising the 5 Office Bearers and the Chairman of the Categories of membership manages the non-policy matters of the Association. The Council is supported by the Secretariat comprising a staff strength of 22 members.

STA is the only timber association in Malaysia representing companies involved in both the upstream and downstream activities of the timber industry and its subsequent trade. Currently, STA has about 430 member companies dealing with timber and timber products which includes logs, sawntimber, plywood, mouldings/dowels, furniture, laminated boards and other panel products. STA promotes the practice of sustainable forest management; monitors world timber markets; assists producers, buyers and investors to network; and through its two subsidiary companies; conducts training and research; and supports.

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Rimbunan Hijau (RH) Group is one of Malaysia’s largest multinational diversified logging companies with its operations in various countries. The company was established in 1975 with interest in as many as six publicly listed companies in Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Today, RH not only has its domestic business in Sarawak and Malaysia in logging, sawmill, manufacture of plywood, particleboard & veneer, but also involved in timber and non-timber activities in most parts of the world such as oil palm plantation & processing, media, hospitality, information communication technology, property development, mining, trading & retails services, aquaculture, plastic manufacturing, biotech, oils & gas, education and many more.


KTS Holdings Sdn Bhd is the main trading arm within the KTS Group of companies. The company has been leading this line of business since the Group commenced business in 1962. Apart from handing export of logs, sawn timber, plywood and laminated wood for its associates, the company holds and acts as distribution agents for a number of well-known products.
Its timber business activities are mainly logging and export of logs including acacia mangium plantation logs and manufacture and export of plywood, sawn timber, dowels, and mouldings including woodchips for pulp & paper (which are FSC-CW certified). Products are trade marked as Crown brand with KTS CROWN logo and exported as top premium brand.


Shin Yang Sdn Bhd (SY) was incorporated on 24th February 1983. With the incorporation of SY, out come the establishment of many sister companies and subsidiaries. SY Group becomes a huge conglomerate of companies and is a dynamic leading corporation with diversified business activities. Its main core activities are timber (up stream & downstream), international & domestics shipping and ship building services, property development & civil engineering and plantation.

Most of the subsidiaries under SY Group are awarded with ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. SY are also awarded Malaysia Top 1000 (Companies of Excellence) since 2003.

SY is dedicated to scrupulously comply with environmental regulations and also strive to develop new methodology that will reduce environmental Impacts. Therefore, SY achieves quality through efficiency, safety and team work. At the same time, SY grows towards excellence and achieving sustainability development.

Today, Shin Yang Woodbased Group of Companies are amongst Asia’s leading exporter of wood products in the Asian region mainly to Japan, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Australia and USA.

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A diversified group with both upstream and downstream operations in the timber industry. Its primarily involved in the harvesting of timber and the manufacturing of plywood and sawntimber. All its natural forest concession, plywood mills and sawntimber mills are situated in Sarawak.

WTK has embarked into forest plantation in 2007 and also recently diversified into the planting and management oil palm plantations in Sarawak and other non-timber related activities.

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Ta Ann Holdings Berhad’s principal activities include harnessing of timber resources, and has diversified its activities from logging operations into shipping, downstream timber processing, such as the manufacturing of veneer, plywood, coated plywood, eco plywood, laminated veneer lumber, film face plywood, bracing plywood, floor base, sawn timber, as well as laminated molding products.

The company currently employs 7,000 people. Ta Ann is one of the pioneers of reforestation in Borneo. The company has undertaken proactive research projects to develop higher-yielding tree planting materials as it shifts its business steadily to plantation-based forest resources on lands that have been subject to controlled loggings, and oil palm plantations and the milling of crude palm oil, property development and investment.

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