Theme : Transforming The Timber Industry and SMEs in Digital Economy The Fourth biennial SARAWAK TIMBER & SME’s EXPO will be held from 27 – 30, June 2019 at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK). It is jointly organized by the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) and the Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development (MIED). The Expo provides an excellent platform for manufacturers and suppliers of timber and non-timber products and SMEs entrepreneurs to showcase and promote their products and new innovations. It functions as a “One-Stop Centre” where entrepreneurs and industry players can interact and tap the vast opportunities available for timber and non-timber as well as SME based product produced in Sarawak. The Bamboo Gallery will feature the effective utilization of the various species. The House of Acacia will showcase products which exemplify the diversified uses of acacia as an alternative resource for sustainable timber industry. For consumers, various local products are available for sale. They include handicrafts, renowned Sarawak multi-layer cakes(kueh lapis), food and beverages, health and beauty products, textiles and garments, and a host of other products produced by the local entrepreneurs. This year’s Expo will feature over 400 booths and 200 exhibitors occupying a space of 12,000 sqm. More than 10,000 visitors (local and international) are expected to visit the Expo. Additionally, Expo 2019 will include “Design Conference & Expo 2019”, jointly organised by STIDC, Unimas and Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB) and it will provide the industry with an opportunity to view some of the creative work and recent innovations in product designs and position design as an important component in the timber industry. Look out for the update on speaker and paper that will be presented. Block your date NOW!


The Expo bears the theme “Transforming The Timber & SMEs Industry in Digital Economy” which brings to the fore the significance of an integrated approach to the development of the industry in Industry 4.0


The Expo will showcase and promote a wide variety of timber and non-timber products ranging from plywood, fibreboards, wood pellets, doors, decking, flooring, furniture and other finished products. The SME’s products that will be on display include the famous Sarawak layered cake, food and beverages, health and beauty products, textiles and garments and local handicrafts.


SARAWAK TIMBER INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (STIDC) Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC), also known as PUSAKA,. was established in June 1973 under the Perbadanan Kemajuan Perusahaan Kayu Sarawak Ordinance 1973. Its incorporation was initiated following the recommendation of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, which conducted a comprehensive forest inventory in the state from 1968 to 1972. Among STIDC’s core activities are to regulate and facilitate the development of the timber industry in Sarawak through the provision of registration of person (s)/companies engaged in or associated with the manufacture, sales and marketing of timber and timber products, issuance of export and import license, promotional, mill licensing, enforcement, resource planning, industrial training and grading services. STIDC has also been entrusted to facilitate and implement approved development plans for Tanjung Manis. As a service-oriented agency, STIDC is involved in the various sectors and components of the timber industry with the ultimate goal of enhancing the growth and progress of the industry and facilitating the socioeconomic development of Sarawak. For further information, please log on MINISTRY OF INDUSTRIAL & ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT (MIED) The Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development (MIED) is a state agency established in 1987 to spearhead the development of the state’s industrial sector. MID is responsible for the promotion, coordination and implementation of industrial development activities in Sarawak. In accordance to The Sarawak Government Gazette published on 31st May, 2016, the Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development (MIED) and Halal Industry Development Unit (UPUIH), have now been merged and is known as the Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development (MIED). MIED Sarawak core activities include
  • Providing advisory assistance to any person (s) or groups in setting up a manufacturing project, industrial estate development and entrepreneurial development programmes
  • Providing financing support for SMEs in the manufacturing, services and ICT sector.
  • Besides enhancing entrepreneur’s skills, the Ministry is also involved in the promotion and marketing of entrepreneur products/services.
For further information, please log on


The exhibitor line-up features participation from major manufacturers and industry players in the timber industry, which include members of Sarawak Timber Association (STA), Sarawak Furniture Industry Association (SFIA), Sarawak Furniture Manufactures Association (SFMA), PUSAKA Furniture Vendors, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Also expected to participate are the various state and federal ministries and agencies. This year ‘s Expo will witness the participation of companies from Kalimantan and Bandung, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, India, Thailand and Brunei Darussalam.


Daily program activities line-up:
  • Lucky Visitor Draw
  • Demonstration by Exhibitors
  • Performances
  • Talk and Presentation
  • SMEs conference
  • Design Conference
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